ABOVE: A fully ripe Artocarpus (Prainea)  limpato (Moraceae) fruit photographed by Anthea Phillipps at Tenom Agricultural Park in Sabah. The fruit is just over 7 cm in width. According to Anthony Lamb the  ripe fruit are very popular with both Sambar Deer and Barking Deer.

Prainia limpato Tony Lamb AMB 99 ENHANCED  .jpg
Artocarpus (Prania) limpato photographed by Tony Lamb at Tenom.
Artocarpus (Prainea)  limpato  immature fruits. Note that the hard seeds which are located on the surface of the fruit have already been predated presumably by a squirrel or rat. Photograph by Quentin Phillipps at Sepilok, Rainforest Discovery Center.


Prainea limpato Borneo.jpg

Prainea text from Tree Flora of Sabah and Sarawak Vol. 3 (2000)