ABOVE: A  ripe green fruit of Parartocarpus venenosus  the most common of the four Parartocarpus species found in Borneo. Parartocarpus are distinguished from Artocarpus by the persistent bracts found at the base of the peduncle (fruit stalk). Unlike the soft seeds of most Artocarpus species the seeds of  P. venenosus  have a hard bony endocarp indicating that they are orthodox or slow to germinate.

Like  Antiaris  toxicaria  (Ipoh) also in the Moraceae family the latex is reputed to be so toxic that it  was used as an arrow or dart  poison in the past.

Parartocarpus venenosus BorneoIMG_7068.JPG

Parartocarpus venenosus BorneoIMG_7057.JPG

Parartocarpus venenosus BorneoIMG_7407.JPG
The middle tree on the right hand side is P. venenosus The whole trunk was covered in warty lenticels. This beautiful tree which grew next to the office at the Rafflesia Centre in the Crocker Range was unfortunately felled in 2017 to make way for a grove of Gahru trees Aquilaria malaccensis planted by the local forest officers.