The fruit of Canarium odontophyllum change colour from green to white to pink to glossy black as they ripen.

According to the chapter on Burseracea  (TFSS(1995) BURSERACEAE ) in the Tree Flora of Sabah & Sarawak,  59 species of Burseraceae are found in Sabah and Sarawak.

Canarium has 23 species and Dacryodes 11 species. Locals call these trees Kedondong.

The majority have a single hard  triangular seed covered in an oily flesh and are hornbill dispersed.

Two of these species Canarium odontophyllum and Dacroydes rostrata are commonly grown in home orchards especially in Brunei and Sarawak but only rarely in Sabah.

The photos below were all taken in  home orchards in Brunei Darussalam



The text of Burseracea in the TREE FLORA of SABAH and SARAWAK can be downloaded below;