A wild Litsea garciae tree grows next to the  Rainforest Discovery Center, Canopy Walkway at Sepilok in Sabah. This tree fruits regularly towards the end of each year when it attracts hornbills. The fruit of L. garciae ripen white, pink, crimson and finally black. They are eaten by hornbills at the bright pink stage. Only unripe white fruit remain in the photo above showing a disappointed Bushy -crested hornbill. Photo by Tony Lamb.

Bushy-crested + Litsea garcia Sepilok
Litsea garciae are also cultivated in home orchards in Borneo and often sold in local markets.

Litsea garciae IMG_1176.JPG

Litsea garciae showing overripe fruit (in a light brown cap) and the large brown seeds. The brown seeds are soft and  cannot be stored indicating that they are  recalcitrant and germinate rapidly.