Pentaspadon motleyi (Local name Pelajau or Buah empit)  is a common medium sized tree of alluvial floodplains and river banks throughout Borneo but especially common in lowland Sarawak where the  seeds Buah empit are often sold in local markets in December.  The almond like kernels  are popular in both Iban and Chinese cooking. The edible seeds  are surrounded by a corky pericarp layer which means that the fruit are excellent floaters.

Fruiting coincides with the  start of the N W Monsoon. In Sarawak this occurs in November-December  every year and results in extra heavy rainfall causing most rivers to flood.  The floodwater flows into the forest and the Buah empit float away down the river where they are easily collected with fishing nets.

Pentaspadon motleyi IMG_5682.JPG


Pentaspadon motleyi flowers.jpg