ABOVE:  Aglaia cucullata seeds collected from Serasa beach  in Brunei Bay. Even though  A. cucullata seeds do not grow on sandy beaches these distinctive seeds are a regular component of the  drift seeds on sandy shores.

Caroline Pannell in Tree Flora of Sabah and Sarawak 6 pg. 85+ lists Aglaia cuculata habitat as the back of mangroves. In addition Aglaia rubignosa grows near rivers and freshwater swamps and Agalaia lancefolius and Aglaia rivularis are both rheophytes. Obviously the seeds of all these species  are river dispersed  and could easily turn up in the flotsam and jetsam on Borneo’s beaches.

Agalaia cucullata IMG_2116.JPG

Agalaia cucullata IMG_2109.JPG

Aglaia cucullata Pierre L  (180-1907) Forest plants of Indochina 148360.jpg
The plants on the left hand side of this illustration by Pierre L (1907) Forest Plants of Indo- China are all Aglaia cucullata.