ABOVE: Mezzettia macrocrpa seed naturally split in half  to show the distinctive interior of multiple rigid ribs  which protect the  endosperm from seed predators  common to all four species of Mezzettia tree seeds found in Borneo.

Mezzettia seeds are occasionally found in river drift in Borneo but not on beaches. Probably they are “recalcitrant seeds” and once in the river  germinate fairly rapidly.

Mezzettia macrocarpa is believed to have evolved for elephant dispersal as the intact fruits are too large for  rhino to swallow whole.

Mezzetia macrocarpa . macrocarpa 5.5 x 7 IMG_4220
Photographed in the forest at Mulu National Park in N. Sarawak

Mezzetia macrocarpa  Temburong IMG_3084.JPG