Senkuang is very common along the banks of the Kinabatangan river in Sabah where the photos below were taken. The local (Orang Sungei) name is Torosob, terosob or Seronsob.  When ripe the fruit attract orangutans and the hard seeds appear to be swallowed whole. The fruit are edible by humans but the flesh is thin and the taste is sour.

Dracontomelon dao 3P7A8640.JPG

Dracontomelon dao 3P7A8653.JPGDracontomelon dao Kinabtangan 3P7A7973.JPG

Dracontomelon dao 3P7A7729.JPG

Dracontomelon dao 3P7A8268.JPGDracontomelon dao 3P7A8636.JPG