Ctenolophon parvifolius  CTENOLOPHNACEAE is a tall tree with very hard wood generally rare in Borneo  but may be locally common in some peat swamp forests. According to the Orangutan Foundation International this tree is locally common at Tg Puting where it provides food for Orangutans. However the morphology indicates that the fruit are targeted at dispersal by hornbills and large Imperial pigeons.  If this hypothesis is correct it would be interesting to know what part of the fruit is eaten by orangutans and if they are acting as dispersers or seed predators- more likely the latter !

Local names: Penempalaan  at Tg Puting ( OFI), Basi Basi or Kayu Besi  in Sabah (Meijer 1974),  Litoh at Lambir (La Frankie 2010).

Penempalaan-orangutan fruit. Orangutan Foundation International. 568.jpg

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