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Dioscorea bulbifera is in the Yam family and grows as a liana.  The objects illustrated above are in fact  bulbils or tubers that grow like fruit. The bulbils above were collected with drift seeds from Serasa Beach, BSB, Brunei, Borneo. When  found dried on the  beach these  tubers are frequently confused with the much more fleshy fruit of Morinda citrifolia.  M. citrifolia  is a common beach tree with large white smelly potato shaped fruit known as Noni Fruit-see below.

Ahmad Fuad Morad 12048112473_2cfd538dd3_b.jpg
Dioscorea bulbifera.  Note plain starchy edible interior with no seeds. Photo by Ahmad Fuad Morad,  Selangor
morinda citrifolia .jpg
Noni Fruit Morinda citrifolia  has numerous seeds inside