Calophyllum inophyllum  CALOPHYLLACEAE

Local name: Penaga Laut

A common seashore tree  of sandy beaches around Borneo. The round nuts are covered with a thin fleshy green pericarp when ripe. This  pericarp is eaten by small Cynopterus fruit bats which fly past the tree at night and take the fruit to be eaten at a nearby feeding roost. If the ripe fruit falls to the ground or floats away on the tide then the pericarp is eaten by small hermit crabs.

Photo by María Fernanda González Giraldo. 

BARRINGTONIA  ASSOCIATIONCallophylum innophyllum is one of about 30 sea dispersed plants  found along the Borneo coast  known as the Barringtonia Association which are primarily sea dispersed.  The sea carries the nuts long distances between islands whilst hermit crabs and fruit bats disperse the seeds short distances inland.

Callophyllum innophyllum DSC_4156

Callophyllum innophyllum IMG_1112.JPG
A fine Penaga Laut (Calophyllum inophyllum) tree growing at the Empire Resort, Brunei. The wood is hard and strong and often used for boat building.

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