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Teijsmanniodendron pteropodium  LAMIACEAE (VERBENACEAE)

The photo  by by María Fernanda González Giraldo shows  drift seeds from Serasa Beach, Brunei Bay, Borneo. The ripe fruit have a green pericarp. The genus Teijsmanniodendron is represented by  23 species in Borneo which is the  world center of diversity. Rogier de Kok et al (2010). T. pteropodium however is the only species with such large distinctive fruit.

BORNEO:  Teijsmanniodendron pteropodium is a common sub-canopy tree (to 40m)  of  alluvial floodplain and freshwater swamp forest with attractive purple blue flowers.

USES:  de Kok notes that the fruit are used for intestinal complaints. The timber is not used because it causes “itchiness”.

RANGE: Nicobar Islands, Southern Thailand, Philippines, Malaya, Borneo, Sumatra.


de Kok et al (2010) The genus Teijsmanniodendron Koord. (Lamiaceae)

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