Cerbera odollam APOCYNACEAE  Local name: Pong Pong

A very common large drift seed often found on sandy beaches around the coast of Borneo. Cerbera odollam is a small coastal tree often used in urban planting and landscaping so the fruit and seeds may be found almost anywhere.

The much less common Cerbera manghas  has slightly smaller more oval seeds.

The seeds of both  species are very poisonous if eaten, but surprisingly often show rat damage.

Cerbera manghas 3P7A8661
LEFT: Cerbera odollam RIGHT: Cerbera manghas

Both species of Cerbera are cultivated as ornamentals but in the wild Cerbera odollam is more typical of sandy coasts whilst Cerbera manghas is more typical of remote coral islands. See also our article for Ochrosia oppositifolia.